The Xbox saviour LOL

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The Xbox saviour LOL

Postby Tyrion Lannister » Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:13 am

TitanFall Xbox One system selling game (over 30% of people who bought the Xbox One have got it for this game in mind) have been giveing the blow that the MP.

(It's MP only)

Will have a staggering 6 Vs 6 :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol: :icon_lol:

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